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Welcome to the
Crypto Heroes Club

An exclusive club of Crypto Heroes, out to keep a balance in the metaverse! Become a founding member of the club by minting Crypto Heroes NFT.

Crypto Heroes Club is launching with its first drop - Crypto Hero-I

Presale of 1000 NFTs is now SOLD OUT!!!

8888 unique NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, all priced at 50 MATIC.

Public sale open

The Origins

Greetings! Crypto collectors and NFT dabblers alike.

Welcome to the metaverse!

A world set in the near future, where cryptocurrencies and NFTs are the norm. A beautiful world where everyone and everything is transparent, honest and free.

Such an ideal ecosystem didn't just come into being. There have been hidden wars fought for centuries with signs throughout the ages questioning our 'reality'. With the dawn of Cryptocurrencies, humanity was able to see beyond the physical dimension and beyond the algorithm that defines our very existence.

Heroes of mysterious origins exist within the metaverse, fighting and protecting the world from disasters ranging from economic collapse to cyber threats. A new breed of crypto superheroes, nameless, known only by their deeds from the past, have now shown their faces.

How many crypto heroes are there? Who created them and what else lie in this world to be revealed?

Let us together find these heroes and explore what this new world has to offer.

Who is your hero?

Meet Crypto Hero-I

Each Crypto Hero is unique, just like you! Crypto Heroes are programmatically generated using an algorithm that combines multiple character traits with original handcrafted artwork. ‍


Ownership of a a Crypto Hero NFT gives full commercial rights to that Crypto Hero as long as you own the NFT.


Your membership serves as your access to the Crypto Heroes Club.

Launch Roadmap
We shall reward the heroes of this community at every stage of the project. We have setup giveaways along our roadmap. We will announce other promotions on our discord channel.

Presale - 1000 FREE NFTs

First 1000 NFTs can be minted for FREE by those on the whitelist. Only pay for the gas Fees!


10% SOLD

20 NFTs are air-dropped to 20 random discord members


25% SOLD

60 NFTs are air-dropped to 15 random NFT holders


50% SOLD

100 NFTs are air-dropped to 25 random NFT holders.Prize pool of 5000 MATIC distributed among 5 random NFT holders


75% SOLD

200 NFTs are air-dropped to 50 random NFT holders


100% SOLD

Prize pool of 20000 MATIC distributed among 10 random NFT holders

20000 MATIC given to charity decided by community vote


Meet the Club Founders

We are a team expert in rich media projects,AR/VR and game development. The founders of Crypto Heroes Club have worked together for over 10 years.

We are here to take this project deep into the Metaverse!


Artist/Game Designer
Mostly found in the metaverse


Marketing Superhero
scouting for club heroes


Community Manager
Maintains sanity and makes it all possible


Game/ VR Super Dev
churns code at speed of light


What is the total supply?

A total of 8888 unique Crypto Heroes Club NFTs will be released in the first drop. 600 Crypto Heroes will be reserved for marketing, giveaways and the team.

What is the price per mint?

First 1000 Crypto Heroes are FREE to mint, you only pay the gas fees. All remaining Crypto Heroes are priced at 50 MATIC + GAS FEEs. Please note, the gas fees fluctuates based on market conditions external to our control.

How many Crypto Heroes can I mint?

During the free minting stage, you can only mint 1 Crypto Hero per transaction. After the free mint is over everyone can mint up to 20 Crypto Heroes at a time.

Is there a presale?

Yes! 1000 NFTs are reserved for the presale during which the NFTs can be minted for FREE! Join our discord to learn more.

What wallets do you support?

Minting on our website is compatible with Metamask.

How are Crypto Heroes generated?

Crypto Heroes are programmatically generated using an algorithm that combines multiple character traits with original handcrafted artwork.

How can I view my NFTs ?

Once minted, you can access your NFT at your OpenSea account. It may take a few minutes before the NFTs show up in your OpenSea account.

Do you provide additional support?

Yes, please get in touch with us on discord.

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